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driveway. we didn't get out to the house to check it out. >> reporter: holleren held the ex-girlfriend hostage. that's when the brother stepped in. >> the brother was very brave, he armed himself and confronted the man. >> reporter: they are not sure if helleren was affiliated with gang that is could retaliate against them. holleren served eight months for making terrorist threats. he was released earlier this year and there are two complaints against him from an ex-girlfriend and his ex-wife. >> reporter: in san francisco, people say they walked by a number of times in the last week or so having no idea what was inside. now that they know, they are horrified. ktvu's rob roth tells us what
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police found inside an abandoned u-haul truck. rob. >> reporter: frank, we're in geary near 17th avenue in front of walgreens. authorityings have towed the car that was parked right here -- authorities have towed the car that was parked right here and people we talked to said the whole thing is just eerie. police were found after a walgreens employee opened the truck and found a dead body inside. >> they have not requested the san francisco police on the detail. >> reporter: which tells us what? >> right now it's an unattended death and until the coroner gives us details, it's not considered a homicide. >> reporter: people say they walked by it barely paying it any attention all the while a
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dead body was inside. >> nobody thought anything, it was just a regular parked car and it wasn't moved for a while. about a week maybe. >> reporter: what do you think now? >> a little uncomfortable actually. somebody finding a body. >> reporter: the medical examiner needs to run tests to determine how the man died. u-haul has not returned our calls and residents say there was just no way they could know what was inside that van. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. an amazing story of survival for a 62-year-old wind surfer stranded in san francisco bay overnight. we showed you the rescue live on the morning news with helicopter crews lowering a basket to pluck the woman tr the water. she went into the water near foster city. she was found about a half mile north of the san mateo bridge. sal castaneda live in los altos where sal you just spoke with her husband late this afternoon. >> that's right, gasia. they lived right there and from
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the looks of it they're both very calm people and the victims husband says calmness is what luckily saved her life. she was very calm and she even joked that she wants to get back on the water, remember this woman was stuck on the water for nearly 13 hours. this afternoon steve hammon says his wife is doing just fine after what she says were some tough moments. >> i feel very, very relieved. very relieved, yeah. this was a really an ordeal. >> reporter: 62-year-old kathie katon is described as an experienced wind surfer. her husband says her board separated from her sail and she wasn't able to make it back to shore. when she didn't return by 7:00, he called for help. >> she went out wind surfing
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about 5:00. i got back at 6:15, which means she was out one hour and 15 minutes which was too long. cateland was out on the water for 15 hours before she was found. ktvu shows the rescue just north of the san mate oh, bridge. the helicopter found kateland floating hanging on to her board. this video shows her rescue. >> she was in really good spirit. surprising after being in the water almost 13 hours. i can't stress the right gear she had on was the key to her survival. >> reporter: the couple says they're glad obviously that katie survived. they are interesting in finding that missing board which is apparently a very expensive board. so steve the husband says he and his friends may go out to look for the board later tonight and wouldn't be surprised if his wife decided
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to join them. sal castaneda, ktvu news. congress could be nearing a deal on the debt ceiling. the latest plan comes from the gang of six. it would cut $3.7 trillion in death over the next decade through a series of budget cuts. president obama praised the plan. but senate majority leader reed held back. >> don't ask me if i support this bill, come on it's wonderful. revenue, cut cause i've been told, i read it. i've been told it cuts defense as much as it does the domestic discretionary spending. this is things i'm interesting in, but for me to say i love this bill that people worked on for months and months i can't do that. >> reporter: the house is expected to vote tonight. a spending plan that would raise the debt ceiling but also call for immediate cuts. the house has said it will veto
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that bill arguing that it will hurt senior citizens. murdoch his son and former editor of the paper testified before the parliament. coming up at 5:20, hear from the media mogul on who he thinks should be held respondent. and a surprising moment, what someone threw at murdoch. the state attorney general's office yesterday approved amazon's petition for a referendum. amazon is back in the efforts to repeal the law which forces online retailer to collect california sales tax. the law expanded what it means to be quote engaged in business in california. after 40 years of selling books, borders is preparing for
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it's final chapter. borders can be closing its last stores. it couldn't find a buyer so the chain is set to go to bankruptcy court thursday to ask for permission to start liquidating its assets. the closure means 11,000 people will soon be out of a job. stocks staged a big rally today on wall street giving the dow it's largest one day jump so far this year. the gains came amongst optimist that a bipartisan deal will be reached to raise the country's debt limit. several companies such as coca cola and ibm reported increases. the dow up 232 points, the nasdaq up a little more than 61 points. search and rescue crews are scouring the area at yosemite. the park says it got multiple
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calls that one or more hikers were swept over myrtle fall. we did the report of the immense powers of the fall this year due to record snowfall. rangers have closed mist trial as they investigate. subterranean snags slow the schedules on the slide. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, the devil in devil slide still ahead. also it's called the respect for marriage act. why senator dianne feinstein is proposing it and the controversial law that it would repeal.
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new york city's major today said more than 760 couples will be selected to get marry on sunday the first day that same- sex marriage will be legal in the state of new york. mayor michael bloomberg says that because of the overwhelming number of marriage applications the city is
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holding a lottery to determine who will get married at any of the five city clerk's offices. city officials say more than 2,000 couples want to get married on sunday. the issue of same-sex marriage is issued to take center stage tomorrow. the law designs marriage as between one man and one woman anddenies all federal benefits to same-sex couples. >> they share financial expenses, they raise children together, and they care for each other in good times and in bad. in sickness and in health, until death they do part. >> senator dianne feinstein repeal is called the respect for marriage act. same-sex couples say it's a matter of equal rights. >> should something terrible happen to one of us, i would need to have a form already filled out and notarized in
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order to plan my spouses funeral. my neighbors don't need to do that. >> a white house official today said that president obama is endorsing senator feinstein's repeal of doma. the devil slide tunnel project has hit a big snag. it could delay completion of the project by as much as a year. tom vacar is live from the area to explain what the problem is, tom. >> reporter: well frank, have a look this is the commute and at the very least one more rainy winter before the tunnels, the new tunnels keep this road open year round. scott denorir works here at the distillery. but since he lives in pacifica every day he commutes over the notorious devil slide. >> the road does tend to come down quite often. slides, rocks, things of that nature. so we worry about the road
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closing again. >> reporter: he was disappointed to learn today that the new devil slide tunnel scheduled to open late this year won't. much business comes his way from across the slide expect in bad weather. >> our customers honestly get quite afraid when it rains and that will draw some people off. >> reporter: the problem constantly changing conditions as booring goes forward. >> the wild card has been that the conditions has changed more frequently than we've thought. >> reporter: sometimes you run into really hard rock, other times you're run into sand on softer, and sometimes you run into mud or dirt. all of that slows the process down. >> normally you would plan on say maybe one month of of blasting and one month of drilling and that's changing every week. >> reporter: that means changing equipment to boor one kind of material so crews could
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bring in equipment to boor a different kind. >> in some cases even more than we had originally planned for. >> reporter: the $350 million price tag will increase subject to negotiations with the contractor. something common in major construction projects. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. the federal aviation administration is investigating an on duty air traffic controller who reportedly has more alcohol in his system than allowed. the controller was working at the denver control center. he had an alcohol amount maximum for on duty controllers. for drivers the limit is .08% in most states. the faa says the controller is no longer handling air traffic. an environment group today unveiled a new report on the status of plastic bag bans in california. the report called leading the way toward a clean ocean says
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californians use about 16 billion single use plastic bags per year. the group environment california released the findings saying it hopes the information will move city leaders in berkeley to work quickly toward adopting a ban. >> we would love to see mayor as well as the city council champion this cause. voicing their support for this event it becomes a reality by the end of the summer. >> reporter: the environment california says bans on plastic bags have already been adopted in 11 cities and counties in the state including san jose, san francisco, and marin county. space shuttle atlantis has begun it's final journey back to earth. atlantis undocked just before 11:30 last night and it's expected back in florida early thursday morning. the atlantis crew delivered food and clothing to the outpostalong with a flag flown during the first shuttle mission. that flag will be given to the crew of the first commercial
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shuttle to arrive at the station. it's not that often that we do stories on a cemetery. but tonight we thought you would like to know what's going on at a cemetery in san francisco that's more than 100 years old. david stevenson tells us why that cemetery will finally be able to start accepting more remains. >> reporter: it's one of san francisco's more exclusive addresses. a place where folks are dying to get in. >> the current historical building here has 8,500, but there's only about 28 left in the building itself. >> reporter: marium has held the remains of san franciscans for 78 years. >> people want to be buried in the city they love. this is really their only option for that. >> reporter: the neptune society broke ground on a new
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hall that will bring 2,000 niches. >> you get a feel of who the niches are because of how the families have decorated the niches. >> reporter: ordinary families share space with local royalty. san franciscans rest with those first taken by aids. the neptune society bought the column in the 80s after decades of disrepair. watson handled most of the restoration. >> racoons running around, mushrooms growing out the walls. >> reporter: he considers himself a historian and a companion to those at rests in the walls. >> he had a sweet tooth. and the rabbit ate all his
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cookies and candy. >> reporter: in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a bay area weather was warmer today than it was yesterday. and our chief meteorologist bill martin is here to tell us a little warmer in store. >> a little warmer weather as we go into the next couple of days. the fog is going to take avacation from the coast. it'll still be there but not as significant. everyone the coast could see mid-60s, but there'll be fog in the morning. this was earlier today. you see the fog foot fingerprint. you see the latest imagine here it pops back. you can see the erosion of the fog. we have a little bit of a northerly wind. it's not straight offshore. but for some areas like stinson beach and down to santa cruz that's offshore. you're starting to see rapid clearing. the fog doesn't like the wind. it tends to peel back. that's the reason we'll see temperatures beginning to warm. warmer or less fog along the coast in warmer daytime highs, let's go back and show you the satellite loop and we'll see. a good area of rain in the
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pacific northwest. this is the area here, this is the low. it's represented in rain in the pacific northwest. it's just really been keeping us really cool. that low pressure center all winter, all spring. it is still here and that means not rain but cooler highs. that's where we've been. that low is going to break off a little bit. not quite as prevalent until the next couple of days. fog will be there but it just won't be as thick as it has been. your overnight lows you can forget the drizzle and temperatures in the mid-50s, low 60s. little bit warmer out toward morgan hill and san jose with low 60s. the computer model bears these wind. that's the fog forecast. that's nothing compared to what we've been seeing. when i show you this model the last few weeks it's been moving into the delta. there you are tomorrow morning about 6:00 a.m.
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you can see fog lingering mainly on the hayward area. out toward fremont. that's not a lot of fog, so we're going to see a little warmer temperatures at the beaches, a little warmer temperatures inland. so your forecast as we head into tomorrow. morning fog and low clouds as you would expect. patchy, patchier than it has been. afternoon temperatures start to warm up into the 70s and 80s. we'll start a few 90s start to show up as well. this is no heat wave. it's just not as cool as it has been. it's been really, really cool as far as summer goes. when i come back here about 5:45 we're going to talk more about your forecast and get specific with your neighborhood. a bald eagle is alive thanks to a veterinarian in oregon. the vet had to perform cpr on that injured animal. you see it there. the eagle now named patriot was hit by a car last week while she was in surgery, patriot stopped breathing. so the vet jumped into action and gave him what you would
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call mouth to beak resuscitation. it's unlikely patriot will fly ben but it may be strong enough to live at a recovery center soon. a south bay police officer on leaking confidential information to the hells angels. but hear the reasons the defense says there's no case. an important lack of food for a food bank is drying out. why they say it could get even worse. we continue to follow the latest from a sheriff deputy who's heroic actions cost him his life. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00,complete bay area news coverage.
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media mogul murdoch was attacked by a woman. what you can't see on camera that we're trying to highlight was the man running toward murdoch and tossing a plate full of foam on murdoch's suit jacket. the man was identified as a british comedian. and his son james along with rebecca brooks the woman who ran the newly defunked news of the world. >> of course i have regrets but the idea that phones were accessed by someone being paid by news of the world or even worse authorized by someone from the news of the world is not known to me. >> murdoch says he has seen no
5:25 pm
evidence that the paper's employees illegally tapped into the phones of 9/11 victims. murdoch says he is appalled and ashamed for the hacking of phones. but he says he is not ready to take responsibility. >> you are not responsible? who is responsible? >> the people that i trusted to run -- maybe the people they trusted. >> reporter: murdoch says he lost site of the news of the world because it was less than 2% of his news organization. his son james vowed that the company is responding adds as quickly as possible to try to make things right. and the top contender is someone familiar with the city. the fsm board may put ed richer
5:26 pm
head of the system. he will be replacing nathaniel ford who left. another austrian city has stripped adolph hitler of citizenship. today council members in the city of crage nford voted to strip hitler of citizenship. a series of arrests across the country and it all started right here in the south bay. we'll tell you who was arrested locally. also live pictures here from dolores park in san francisco. these people angry about a police shooting that killed a 19-year-old man. more on this developing news right after the break.
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a high profile san jose website targeted by international hackers. now the fbi is in the south bay taking down members of a group that calls itself anonymous. we'll get to that story in just a minute. but first we have developing news. right now protesters are gathering in san francisco upset over the shooting death of a 19-year-oldman by san francisco police. it's a story we first brought you just about an hour after it happened this past saturday. david stevenson live in dolores park to show you what's happening there. >> reporter: you can see the 50 or so people that are gathering for this protest, this is the third such protest since sunday evening. let's go to a live picture right now from ktvu's live view camera. the people who were gathered here at the park about 60 or so
5:30 pm
are angry about that sunday afternoon shooting. it was an officer involved shooting where a parolee fired upon two officers after running away during a fare inspection on a platform. harding was a suspect on the slaying of a 19-year-old. he was arrested for forcing a 14-year-old girl into prostitution. angry onlookers gathered around police. some who were on the scene said he never drew a weapon. at about 3:45 this afternoon, san francisco police put out a press release that says evidence analysis found gunshot residue on hardings right hand. that finding supports over
5:31 pm
witness statements that harding shot a police officer using his right hand. you can see protesters gathered here at dolores park. we've learned that there was a meeting at city hall this afternoon at about 2:30 involving community members. the mayor made a brief appearance it also involved san francisco police department officials talking about the evidence they've gathered so far in this case. we understand that the folks who are gathered here at the protest may march throughout the city. there are dozens of officers stationed on corners keeping an eye on the protest going on the here at the march. we'll bring you any details as they come. david stevenson, ktvu news. now back to that story about federal agents who today arrested 14 people for a series of high profile cyber attacks. christien kafton is live in san jose, it appears the case is
5:32 pm
centered there in silican valley. >> reporter: shortly before 3:00 this afternoon, this indict was sealed that was filed in san jose against members of the international hacking news known as anonymous. the group initiated a series of coordinated cyber attacks against paypal and paypal is based right here in san jose. ktvu confirmed that 42-year-old tracy vanezuela and 26-year-old drew alan phillips from santa rosa were among those arrested. they will face charges right here in the south bay. fbi agents made a series of arrests in the east coast. officials also executed 32 searches into cyber attacks. federal authorities say the arrest and the searches follow high profile cyber attacks on visa, mastercard, paypal and
5:33 pm
other organizations as they stopped allowing people to stop funds to wikileaks and assange. prosecutors say the group conspired to cause massive internet traffic jams effectively shutting down the victim's website. this case has far reaching implications and comes on the heels of five arrests in the united kingdom and dozens of searches state side in january of this year. no word yet on when the accused will face charges here in federal court. today's arrests also uncovered several hackers. the hacking group anonymous was just in the headlines last month when the spanish investigators there arrested three people in connection with the cyber attack on sony play station. we will continue to monitor this case and bring you the latest developments for now we're live in san jose,
5:34 pm
christien kafton, ktvu news. police say 23-year-old banford was talking to someone in a car when a driver pulled up in a white sedan, got out and started shooting. this happened last night on illinois street. police say the area is known for high drug activity. benford's mother tells ktvu his son had just become a new father days ago. today the richmond police department gave us a look at some 300 firearms that the agency has in storage. those guns will eventually be melted down and made into manhole covers. it plans to be the guns sent to a foundry. and michelle bachmann is addressing questions about her severe headaches. her migraines in the past have led to hospitalization and left her incapacitated. bachmann says the headaches would not affect her ability to serve as president. in a statement she says he controls her symptoms with
5:35 pm
prescription medication and that her ability to function have never been impeded. texas governor perry says he will make his decision in the next few days. governor perry says his wife is one of the people strongly urging him to get out of his comfort zone and seriously consider the nomination. romney has spent five times more money than timpawlenty. romney spent $330,000 from april through june. pawlenty spent $65,000 during the same time. bachmann spent $50,000 but only in june. obama and the democratic party have spent $1 million for online ads. two years after the end of the recession, several the
5:36 pm
western states are feeling the greatest economic stress. depressed home prizes have limited job growth here in california as well as arizona and nevada. the stress index scores from one to 100 based on unemployment and foreclosure. we have a bit of good news, mortgage default notices in california dropped in the second quarter of this year. the tracking firm data quick says the default notices are at their lowest level in four years. the company credits a more stable housing market. the notices filed from april to june were about 56,000 down from 70,000 during the same period last year. that is a 19% drop. disturbing new information about obesity in this country. what every state in the nation has failed to do when it comes to fighting fat.
5:37 pm
plus looking live here what's coming to the port of oakland that promises to bring jobs.
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the port of oakland was used today as the backdrop for a major announcement. the port is the only west port
5:40 pm
that imports more than it exports. partnership aims to educate new exporters. promote the export and create more jobs. >> we're here to celebrate the that the ports of america are coming together. we're asking for that federal support to keep our ports competitive. to build the marine highway. >> reporter: the undersecretary of commerce was at hand to sign the agreement calls it a win- win. the effort hopes to further president obama's resolution for exporting business. calorie counters to programs that let doctors view scans on their phone. the fda says it will now begin regulates a handful of programs
5:41 pm
that pose the greatest risks if they don't work correctly. eating fatty foods can make you feel stoned. also just like the effects of marijuana, eating fatty foods can also give you the munchies. high fat foods trigger a body to produce a natural feel good chemicals with effects similar to marijuana. the national centers for disease control and prevention says obesity has become a problem in every state. the cbc says last year no state reported less than 20% of its adult population was obese. this means no state met its national healthy people 2010 goal. the south had the highest rate of obesity at just over 30%. the west had an obesity rate of 35%. and the west came in at just more than 24%. the number of ceserian
5:42 pm
sections rose. some of the reasons for the increase include convenience for the doctor or mother. and women giving birth later in life. researchers now are urging more scrutiny from doctors, patients and hospitals when determining whether a c-section is in fact, needed. this is taxpayer money. >> we found lawmakers wracking up expenses traveling overseas, even requesting chocolate covered strawberries on a charter flight. who is spending your tax dollars and how. and we will let you know if you will need a jacket tomorrow or not. new at 6:00, a south bay police officer on trial for leaking confidential information to the hell's angel. hear the two reasons why the defense says there is no case. an important source of food for local food banks has dried up. the basics they're having to go without and why they think it could get everyone worse. we continue to follow the
5:43 pm
latest from a sheriff's deputy who's heroic actions cost him his life. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00, complete bay area coverage. the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark!
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tonight a ktvu investigation takes an in-depth of congressional spending over seas. and as ktvu scott mcfarlane report, no one is accountable to get that spending out of control. >> reporter: you spend for thousands of u.s. senators to meet with their local troops on the front line. >> it's great to have the opportunity to see the progress that's being made. >> reporter: and for trips to iraq, to kuwait, sometimes on air force aircraft which military forces tell us costs costs $7,000 an hour to operate. they spent $10 million in expenses traveling the globe. our investigation senators aren't just using tax money or
5:46 pm
military jets to visit war zones. other senators have sippedded ped cocktails at the eiffell tower and greece. nancy pelosi flew on chartered air force jets, and on the trip mrs. pelosi led to telaviv the catering was topnotch. according to a receipts showed that money was spent on alcohol. mrs.pelosi does not drink. don't let the menu fool you these trips aren't junk. >> you're pretty much working a 12 hour day when you're on these trips. especially on a global economy. we would like our legislators to be well informed when making decisions. >> reporter: what's more troubling is the lack of accountability in keeping costs
5:47 pm
under control. there's no quote budget for u.s. senators overseas travel. whatever they spend is automatically reimbursed by the u.s. treasury. nancy pelosi spokesman says she has improved the system in the house and improved the stipend. but not everyone has cut back. that bill will eventually land on taxpayers. scott mcfarlane, ktvu news. we should also tell you too that nancy pelosi's office told scott that she was told to travel on air force jets for security purposes. the state supreme court has -- the law was passed in los angeles and limits the companies ability to replace a
5:48 pm
work force following an owner change. we're finding out new details about the marin county sheriff deputy that was gunned down in petaluma. julie haener joins us now. >> reporter: friends and family of deputy matheson are mourning his death tonight. also a major source of donation to this food bank is not only decreased it's disappears. the demand that's good news for farmers but bad news for families in the area. >> julie, thank you. it looks like a plan to round up wild horses has been given a go ahead to a federal agency. the u.s. bureau of land management was to corral 700
5:49 pm
wild mustangs. a panel in san francisco lifted a temporary injunction the court issued just yesterday. last week we were complaining about how cool it was but today, boy bill this is just right. >> it was beautiful today. temperatures warmed up and they will stay on the warm side for a while. it's warmer than last week when temperatures. the fog remains but there's not as much of it. what we're starting to see is this northerly wind. it's not a classic offshore wind, a classic offshore wind completely -- tonight what i'm tracking is the fog and how far inland it goes. the computer model shows it really not going past the livermore valley and staying out of the north bay. less fog tomorrow starts you off on a warmer day. the fog will be in our ocean beach tomorrow.
5:50 pm
steinson beach and pacifica. but i suspect it will clear out rapidly. these are your forecast overnight lows, temperatures in the 50s or low 60s in the warmer spots like concord. high pressure building out of the southwest. the low is still out here but this high is going to nudge it a little north. and that will allow temperatures to come up a little bit. a little warmer again. we'll start to see 90s popping up. as we roll across the bay, you will see the numbers in the east bay up into the upper 70s right. berkeley, mid-80s out toward lafayette and walnut creek. and in the 90s start to show up. not 100s but as you get out to brentwood and antioch you're going to find temperatures up into the high 90s, maybe mid- 90. forecast walnut creek, 95, 93 in brentwood. hot in some places. you will notice it and the fog will be limited to direct
5:51 pm
coastline and the rest of us will see mostly sunny skies. we will feel more like summertime around here because it really has been. it's been an unusual summer. there's your story, fire danger will come up a little bit in the next week as well. >> looking good, thanks bill. scientists in south korea say they determined what caused a skyscraper in seoul to shake for 10 minutes a week ago. it wasn't an earthquake and it wasn't heavy wind. it was 17 people exercising in a tae-bo class. just so happens that the vibrations set off by that exercise class set off the vibrations. and it's tough for me to go through what i went through to understand the magnitude of the entire situation. >> who he's starting to see
5:52 pm
more and more at dog fights and that's made him want to fight for stricter laws.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
a limousine carrying jim mcman crashed yesterday near reno nevada. macmahon was in the area to
5:55 pm
attend a golf tournament. the cause of the accident is under investigation. current nfl quarterback and admitted dog fighter and animal abuser michael vick appeared in capitol hill today lobbying for stricter animal fighting law. he appeared with congressional leaders who want to make it a federal crime to even attend a dog fight. it would be prosecutable with fine and jail time. >> many of these fights happen in rural counties with very small sheriff's offices that are under staffed. >> reporter: vick is helping the humane society promote the new law. it would also create a new federal charge for people who bring children to watch the dog fight. >> i started to see that you know kids were involved in it, you are involved at a young age and that's when you learn about it. like i said so much more that they can be doing with their
5:56 pm
time. and you know, i think it's up to the parents to take responsibility. it took for me to go what i went through to understand that the magnitude of the entire situation, you know i've learned so much. >> reporter: this is just the latest of several anti dog fights events vick has participated in. he served 20 months after pleading guilty to bankrolling a dog fights operation. an important source of food for local food bank has dried up. the basics they're having to go without and why they think it could get everyone worse. a family in mourning, we're uncovering new details about a sheriff's deputy shot and killed in petaluma. what we're learning tonight.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. a nine year veteran of the sheriff's department is dead tonight. deputy mathiesen was shot to
5:59 pm
death after he was trying to protect a family friend. >> reporter: it happened when the deputy tried to talk to the ex-boyfriend who responded by pulling out a gun and pulling the trigger. sonoma county sheriff's deputies arrived at this petaluma home and found jim mathiesen shot twice in the chest. >> mathiesen was doing what his career taught him to do to help people and help his community. >> reporter: the nine year veteran was unarmed and off duty when he was shot by this man, thomas halloran. the couple had broken up days after after dates just a few months. while halloran was making threats, the family called on mathiesen. >> there were two restraining orders one for

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Tuner Channel 93 (639 MHz)
Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 704
Pixel height 480
Sponsor Internet Archive
Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 7/20/2011